Friday, August 29, 2014

Justyn Norek Vintage Motocross Pictures


Once again Justyn Norek sent me a fab treasure, so take time and Enjoy. Thanks Justyn you know I'm speechless

250 MX GP Start ! Nr 16 Jiri Stodulka leads Sylvain Geobergs, Roger De Coster, Torleif Hansen, Torsen Hallman.

Three times World 500 MX Champion, East German Paul Friedrichs - CZ

Olle Pettersson - SUZUKI

Sylvain Geboers - SUZUKI

Ake Jonsson - MAICO

Torsten Hallman - HUSQVARNA - Four times World 250 MX Champion

Torleif Hansen - HUSQVARNA


Ake Jonsson in mud Shower ... Justyn has taken it at heavy rain in same race in East German 500 MX GP. Ake is overtaking another rider having more "comfortable" and "dry" path...( is it Jeff Smith ? ), to do this overtake at such a slippery condition Ake has thrown hinself and Husky in the middle of the pond creating wide shower behind him... Again exposure was difficult due to light conditions so I have used "long time" on shutter following rider with camera, thus rider and bike is in sharp definishion, while flyin mud and water as well as background if blured... you have to have good luck to take shot like this says Justyn but I say a great talent for sure.

Roger De Coster - CZ Justyn has used low shutter speed, so tires are moved to express Roger speed, but his boots are sharp. 

Dave Bickers has passed away... That's the way we want to remember Dave, in front of all !!!

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