Sunday, December 20, 2020

New Auction World Records

New auction world records set at successful Bonhams Motorcycles winter sale. £3 million total realised with 91% sel-through rate. 1936 Brough Superior 982C SS100 from the National Motorcycle Museum Reserve Collection, sold for £276,000 Link to catalogue:

Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Mechanic 360c Husqvarna


The Mechanic is a 1972 American action thriller film which was directed by Michael Winner, produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff, and written by Lewis John Carlino. The film stars Charles Bronson, Jan-Michael Vincent, Keenan Wynn, and Jill Ireland. 

In late 1960s, Edison Dye, a Husqvarna distributor, began an American racing series for the previously European-dominated discipline of motorcycle racing called Motocross. Dye brought over European champions who crushed the American competition for a while, but the American kids were fast learners. Two strokes were taking over from the British singles like BSA, Matchless and AJS in the US, as they had previously in Europe, and by the time Mark Blackwell won the US section of the Trans-Am series in 1971, he was on a Husqvarna. By then, Husqvarna had won nine World Motocross Championships

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

1935 Voisin C28 Aérosport

Avions Voisin was a French luxury automobile brand established by Gabriel Voisin in 1919 which traded until 1939. Gabriel B. Voisin was an aviation pioneer and manufacturer who in 1919 started producing cars using Knight-type sleeve valve engines at Issy-les-Moulineaux, an industrial suburb to the southwest of Paris. Former student of the Fine Arts School of Lyon and enthusiast for all things mechanical since his childhood, Voisin's uncompromisingly individual designs made extensive use of light alloys, especially aluminum. One of the company's most striking early designs was the Voisin Laboratoire Grand Prix car of 1923; one of the first cars ever to use monocoque chassis construction and utilising small radiator-mounted propeller to drive the cooling pump. The characteristic Voisin style of 'rational' coachwork he developed in conjunction with his collaborator André Noel. Noel prioritized lightness, central weight distribution, capacious luggage boxes and distinctively angular lines. The 1930s models with underslung chassis were strikingly low. In the early 1930s, Gabriel Voisin could not pay all of his draftsmen any more and a young creative engineer named André Lefèbvre quit, recommended by Gabriel to Louis Renault. Lefèbvre finally entered Citroën where he led three particularly significant car projects: the Traction Avant, the 2CV and the DS, using a lot of Gabriel's lessons. Pictures via : delessencedansmesveines

Monday, November 30, 2020

Restoring Titan

was built by the Yarrow yard on the Clyde in 1935. One of a series of similar motor yachts, she is now a rare survivor. Built to Lloyd’s class, Titan was originally owned by J. Bamforth and was most seen in Scottish waters. Like so many classic yachts, she relocated to the Mediterranean post-war and in the 1960s was modernised at the Thornycroft yard in Southampton. More recently, a major refit was started, but abandoned and Titan now requires total restoration. Via : G.L. Watson

Sunday, November 29, 2020

BMW Desert Racer


It has been a long time since I was impressed by a motorcycle builder, but this BMW Desert Racer made by Gary Burton at repair shop is just amazing.


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Maria Tallchief


George Skibine and Maria Tallchief, Ballet Dancers performing routine on the beach at Biarritz in France, Tuesday 1st September 1953. The dancers are in France to attend a costume ball hosted by George de Cuevas, founder of the Ballet du Marquis de Cuevas. (Photo by Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix via Getty Images)

Maria Tallchief, whose father was a member of the Osage Nation, dreamed of being a ballet dancer from the time she was a little girl. At 17, she moved to New York City to pursue a career as a ballerina but racism stood in her way. She was advised many times to change her last name so her Native American heritage wouldn’t be readily apparent, but Tallchief refused. Her hard work, talent, and unwavering persistence paid off. Maria Tallchief eventually broke barriers as the first American to dance with the Paris Opera Ballet and the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. She became the prima ballerina at the New York City Ballet and was regarded as one of the greatest dancers in the world.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Harley-Davidson Museum Visit


Three month ago, I was invited to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. It's pretty hard to explain what I felt when I enter this place. You want it or not Harley-Davidson is a Legend and even if I'm more into European motorcycles, this place is the ultimate for one of the most amazing bikes ever built. During this visit, I was remebering one of my first toy when I was a kid, a metalic blue Electra Glide scale model. Here is, in no particular order, ones of my favorites. It was also for me the occasion to meet great people too. 🙌

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The American paradox

Before the shut down. The American paradox, a few month ago on the entrance wall of my hotel 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Brave Ones

Petronella Chigumbura 30 years old woman ranger

Phundundu Willdlife Area, Zimbabwe, June 2018: Specially selected women from an all female. conservation ranger force undergo concealment and fire and movement training in the bush to curb poaching. Akashinga (meaning the ‘Brave Ones’ in local dialect) is a community-driven conservation model, empowering disadvantaged women to restore and manage a network of wilderness areas as an alternative to trophy hunting. Many current western-conceived solutions to conserve wilderness areas struggle to gain traction across the African continent. Predominately male forces are hampered by ongoing corruption, nepotism, drunkenness, aggressiveness towards local communities and a sense of entitlement. The I.A.P.F, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. Picture by Brent Stirton

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Tourist Trophy in Bilbao


The love of motorcycling comes from far in Bilbao. Two Bilbaïno members of the Bilbao Sports Club, Pedro Sorriguieta and Luis Arana participated in 1914 at the Tourist-Trophy. Together with other members they created the motorcycling commission. Sorriguieta was a model of expertise and softness and Luis Arana by force of audacity and energy, frequently destroying and burning his motorcycle.
These two bikers along with the shirtmaker and tailor Rodolfo Cardenal, who was champion of Spain in 1915, made a group of good and excellent bikers. Years later, the group was: The first of all Alejandro Arteche biker master, Oswaldo Filippini (the dentist) Eduardo Rubio, Fernando Ripalda, Juan Palacio. There were others with more national and international projection such as Luis Bejarano, the manufacturer of the house Lube, Ortueta and of which Alejandro Arteche has already commented.
This Peña Motorista, is founded in 1926 and takes an official character in 1927. In 1928 it organizes small tests without official character, which made the fans of Bilbao wake up, a hobby asleep since the time of the Sports Club of Bilbao. In 1932, he organized the First Tourist-Trophy in Spain and the Championship of Spain of 250 cc and 350 cc. In 1933, the Second Tourist-Trophy in Spain and the Championship of Spain of 250 cc, 350 cc and 500 cc etc ...
This biker club is formed by many members of the Bilbao Sports Club, such as Eduardo Lastagaray, José María Picaza (Excelsius journalist and expert in the motor world), Eduardo Rubio, Gregorio Pradera, Jacinto Miquelarena (sports journalist), Juan Palacio, Luis Arana and many others who put dedication and enthusiasm for motorcycling. But one of them stands out among all, he was nicknamed "Andorrilla" and his name was Luis Martín Lafont. He had a shop on the street number eight. This man was the organizing soul of all these motor tests, supported by a good staff of employees. He was one of the founders of the club and then honorary president. Via the amazing blog :