Monday, July 26, 2010

Joe Bussing's Norton


A couple of days ago i send an email to Joe Bussing from Redwood City, California to ask him to tell me more about his fabulous Norton. As you will see its not only another bike story but first of all a beautiful story between a Father and his Son sharing the same passion.

" Hey Frank, I'd love to send you a couple pictures. That bike and I have a long story, but I'll try to be as brief as possible. Basically I got into old brit bikes because of my Dad. He has an old triumph 750cc bonneville, and the smells and sounds that came from that beast had me hooked.

I wanted a bike that I could call my own. So, on one lucky day I won a bid on ebay for a gutted out featherbed frame. From that day on the relationship between me and my dad grew into something else.

There were countless nights we spent drinking beer listening to music and building that bike. Together we did everything. We balanced the crank shaft, overhauled everything in the head, made custom engine mounts, and we even painted the bike.

Now the bike running beautifully. My dad and I go to the race tracks in California, but in between track days we can be seen terrorizing our neighborhood. "

Thanks I love your blog!



Darmah_Bum said...

I love the bikes and pictures but more importantly, this is a great story. What a cool Father! Thanks for sharing.

Motart said...

Yes it is a very nice story Joe is a lucky son and his father a lucky one
thanks for comment