Monday, August 2, 2010

Stacie B and the East Side Moto Babes


In this mens world its allways cool to see a woman doing the Game thats why i asked Stacie B London to tell me more about her passion and i can tell you this girl is rad.
Thank you Stacie for making our roads looking better. Frank

Zooming in Griffith Park on my 1969 BMW R 60 US, photo by Amy Tierney

" My fascination with motorcycles and all things fast and free runs in my blood, my pop set a land speed record in Bonneville in 1965. As a 3rd generation Angelina being around muscle cars and power boats was the norm, and I quickly grew accustomed to the wind in my face. In my teens I decided that I needed a motorbike but it took me till my 30’s to fulfill that dream. Last year I finally purchased my first motorcycle, a 1969 BMW R 60 US.

In Griffith Park on my 1969 BMW R 60 US, photo by Amy Tierney
Some things are just meant to be, it was the first add I looked at and the first moto I went to see. With a quick test drive, and some negotiating, cash was exchanged. She was swiftly loaded into a friend’s pickup and taken directly to my mechanic, Leif Lewis, who beamed with pride over my first purchase. Being locked away for nearly 10 years, she was in need of much TLC.

Moto Melee XIII‐2010, recently crossing The Golden Gate Bridge on on my 1969 BMW R 60 US, photo by Blaise Descollonges

Leif got her back in shape so I could learn her ways. This year I took her on the Moto Melee a 3‐day 900 miles adventure for vintage motorcycles through Northern California. She performed perfectly,only needing a new set of spark plugs after 700 miles.

Operating Chris Burden’s “ The Big Wheel” at MOCA, photo by Fette Sans of The Flog

I am extremely lucky that my love of vintage motorcycles has extended into my day job. As the Exhibition Production Coordinator at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) I had the privilege of managing the mechanical restoration and operation of one of Chris Burden’s amazing artworks. “The Big Wheel” is a kinetic sculpture where Burden brilliantly connects the rear wheel of a 1968 single cylinder Wards Riverside (Benelli) 250cc motorcycle to a 1800’s, 8’‐0” diameter cast iron flywheel that weighs nearly 6000 lb. The motorcycle is started and the operator goes from first gear through to fourth which makes the wheel speed up to high speeds and continues to spin for nearly 3 hours.

Members of the East Side Moto Babes at the Cretins Clubhouse in Los Angeles, (from L to R: Ezra Black, Stacie, Jeannette Mekdara).

I recently started a women’s motorcycle club in Los Angeles called the East Side Moto Babes for female vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. There are several clubs around the city for lads, but ours is the first one that is started and run by women. Besides developing a sisterhood among women, we are really into riding and developing our motorcycling skills on and off the road. Through charity work we will raise awareness of causes that we believe in. We also have plans to start a vintage race team.


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