Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jennifer's Bobber by Helrich Custom Cycles


When Jennifer send me these pictures of her Triumph Bobber i've just been amazed by the work she, with the help of her (lucky) boyfriend Dave have done on this bike.
I saw hundreds of Triumph based bobbers and this one is simply Perfect to me, pure, simple and extremely well made. This kind of bike make me think one more time that English Purists ... should be sometimes less strict . :) Thanks Jenn and Dave for these beautiful motorcycle

Dear Frank,
I am an avid fan of yours, and wondered if you would be interested in these pictures?

The motorcycle was built by my boyfriend Dave of Helrich Custom Cycles, with some help from me.
The dress is made by my friend Kim at Very Bad Horse , she makes the worlds best rock and roll jeans and clothing.
Pictures were shot by my friend Jim Goodwin, who normally specializes in 1930's-40's boudoir photography.
I am the model, though fashion is definitely not my strong point considering my height.

In regards to the bike, it is a 1971 Triumph Oil in Frame. The gas tank is rather special, it is actually a stock steel tank that we had sprayed in molten aluminum, and then I personally spent 30 or so hours getting it to nice finish that matches the aluminum fender.

The 650 cc engine has a Routt 750 big bore kit, which sounds amazing after the engine rebuild.

The hard tail frame is custom made by us, we water jetted all mounts, fitted all new electrics including the speedo and turn signals.

We also built the seat, and used copper rivets to tie in the copper oil lines.

Jennifer Maa


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