Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Norton " Virus "


A beautiful Norton made in Norway by Morten Koien

The bike is based on a '70 s-type. The frame is chromed and a little modified at the rear to make it more compact. The oiltank is also acting as the rear mud guard, and holds about 2 litres. The seat and the tailunit is homemade. The footpegs are Barleycorn on RGM plates.
The frontlight is an aftermarket item with four halogen spots. The wheels are 18" flanged rims with s/s spokes. There's a showa fork at the front with two discs and twin-pot callipers, but I've got other plans for next year. The wheels are 18" Akront with s/s spokes. The engine has a 920ccm cyl. with a RH7 top-end, which is reworked to make room for bigger valves gasflowed and polished. The valves is operated with a 2s cam at the moment, but I've got a 6s and a 7s cam that I intend to try out. It's got nitrated con-rods and a cr of about 10:1
It's breathing trough two 35mm keihin fcr carbs with 50mm bellmouths. The exhaust is 1 1/2" two into one. It's got a belt primarydrive, witch runs in a rgm open primary-case with a clutch support. I've also mounted an ME (Steve Maney) outrigger on the inside of the primary. It's got a Boyer ignition and powerbox and the sparks is provided by a Dynacoil. It will get some updates during the winter, such as :
square section alu. rear swingarm Disc brake on the backwheel Upside/down frontfork with bigger brakes Hydraulic clutch and a "oil in frame" tank
Cheers, Morten


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