Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sean's Norton Dominator


The problem with the Dominators, is that once you started looking after one you just want to see more and more and the one Sean made is simply amazing to me. Thank you Sean for these pictres and story. Frank

Hi Frank,
The first picture is of what my Dominator looked like when I bought it. The next two are from my restoration, and the third is the final version.
I paid $2500.00 in 1996 for basically a rolling chassis with a decent engine. I spent a year restoring her. I rebuilt everything necessary.
Everything is original to the machine except for the Sun alloy rims, the headlamp is from a '56 Dominator. The seat, tank panels and badges, as well as the battery cover are British made reproductions.
I spent over $12,000 in parts alone. The restoration process was one of the best times of my life!
She starts first kick every time.



Anonymous said...

looks great Sean! See you on the 49 Mile Ride?

Darmah_Bum said...

Very sweet. Nicely done.