Saturday, October 9, 2010

US knuckle Knives


Via :

No 1 : This is a heavy duty fighting knife of one piece construction with grip slabs of black Bakelite secured by 14 star shaped rivets. Double edged bright spear point blade is 8 inches long and 13 inches in overall length. Heavy brown leather scabbard with buckle in the retaining strap.

No 2 : This Knuckle Knife has a cast aluminum handle with incused diamond checkering and 4 finger stalls with a triangular projection on each one. The bright blade is a 7 inch Bowie. Scabbard is the one that came with the knife.

No 3 : An Unusual Knuckle Knife that is unmarked and its origin is unknown with a cast aluminum handle. Has that Middle Eastern look about it and has the original pirate scabbard with it.

No 4 : This Knuckle Knife has a brass cast handle out of what appears to be shell brass. The very unusual feature of the grip is the single finger stall and the Colt SAA butt. Blade is a 7 inch double edged spearpoint blade.


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