Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vincent's Triley # 2


Vincent just send me those amazing pictures of his Triley finally finished. He is not happy with the quality of his pictures ... well , Vinç i dont know but personally i love them. You did one more time a Great job. A special congratulation to Ralph who made this very cool painting and who's working on all the Vincent's Bikes; His Website :
Thank you so much for sending me these great pics and all my best for your beast on the tracks
cheers, Frank
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matt@machine said...


Scott said...

Simply stunning!

Adrian Manktelow said...

Three words spring to mind... Work of Art

Nolan Woodbury said...

Love the style and shape of it. The diffused light photography is wonderful and the angles are well chosen. Looking at these pics makes me want to I'm going to! =)

trent reker said...

the paint work is great. love the jolly roger hidden behind the rear wheel on the underside of the fender.

beautiful bike all around.