Thursday, March 3, 2011

Edward Manx Selection


A few days ago Edward from Bonneville Acres, send me these vintage pictures from his selection, no doubt that this guy has good taste.

AJS R8 500ccm – Production date: 1930, Engine: single cylinder, OHV 498 ccm, Top speed: 130
km/h. Since 1897 brothers Jack, Joe, George and Harry Stevens begun produce benzine engines in
Wolverhampton. In 1907 they started production of motorcycles A.J.S. on behalf of the oldest of
them- Albert Jack Stevens.

CZ 250 SPORT –Manufacturer: Česká zbrojovka Strakonice, Czech Republic, Date: 1939, Engine:
2-stroke single cylinder 247 ccm, top speed: 95 km/h. Cezeta like Jawa established its own style
consists of black color with white lines. These motorcycles are special because of their long life
service and responsibility. This model was produced after model 250 Tourist.

Praga 500 BD – Manufacturer: Českomoravská Kolben-Daněk, car factory Praga, Date: 1929, Engine:
single cylinder 2 x OHC 499ccm, Power: 11kW, top speed: 105 km/h. This motorcycles has been
produced by well-known constructor J.F.Koch. He worked for Breitfeld-Daněk. This same company
produced it until 1927 after name BD, then they join ČKD company and whole production has been
transfered to the car factory Praga.

Indian Prince 750 – Manuf.: Indian Motorcycle Co. Springfield, USA; Date: 1928; Engine: single
cylinder SV, 348,2 ccm, Power: 3,7 kW, top speed: 80 km/h. There were the times when Indian was
one of the biggest producer in USA. This motorcycle is assigned for solo-riders. It´s very simple and
light machine.

Rudge Ulster 500 GP – Manuf.: Rudge-Whitworth Ltd., G.B.; Date: 1930; Engine: 4-stroke 4-valve
single cylinder OHV, 499 ccm; Power: 26kW. Typical name „Ulster“ has been given in GP of Ulster
in 1928. It was because of rider Graham Walker. At the beginning of World war 2 Rudge stoped
motorcycle´s produciton and came back to the bicycles.

Harley Davidson 750 – Manuf.: H-D Motor Co., USA; Date:1930; Engine: along saved V-Twin SV, 740
ccm; Power: 15kW, top speed: 110 km/h. William Harley and Arthur Davidson started production
of motorcycles at the beginning of 20th century in a small hovel. But american police used their
machines already in 1907. H-D produce world-known V-Twin´s like Indian.

Ariel Red Hunter 500 – Manuf.:Ariel Motors Ltd., G.B.; Date: 1936; Engine: single cylinder OHV, 498
ccm; Power: 19kW; Top speed: 145 km/h. In the past it was one of the biggest companies in the
world. They started production in 1902. That model is typical representative of English constructional
schol which was one of the best in the course of construction of 4-stroke single cylinders.


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