Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Unknow BMW Motorcycle


Does anyone  has any info about this motorcycle ... Paul D'O maybe or Pete ???



Rick said...

Looks similar to a BMW R37. Google Ernest Henne.

MC Dreamer said...
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MC Dreamer said...

looks like this one is fitted with a super charger.

MIOB said...

BMW world record-braking motorcycle Henne 750 ccm.

In 1929 Ernst Henne set up the first of a total of 76 world records on a 750 cc supercharged motorcycle derived from the R 37, posting a record speed of 216.75 km/h. This motorcycle was continuously evolved by Sepp Hopf and Rudolf Schleicher and, in its final version of 1935, managed to claim a new absolute world record for BMW on 27th September 1935 with a top speed of 256 km\h.

Year: 1935

Driver: Ernst Henne

Technical data
Engine / Displacement: 2-cylinder / 749 cc
Bore x Stroke: 83 x 68 mm
Power: approx. 100 bhp
Weight: 150 kg
Top Speed: 256 km/h (world record

Patrick said...

Here is the OFFICIAL info you are looking for.
It was sent to our newsletter by one of the BMW Motorrad Driector...

The motorcycle is an early world record breaker, about 1933. Ernst Henne is staying behind the bike, the picture was taken at the 90th anniversary of Ernst Henne (1994) in front of the Deutsches Museum. The motorcycle is owned by the Deutsches Museum.
The bike is supercharged (the charger is at the top of the engine) but not bevel driven. It’s difficult to date it exactly, I think it’s from 1932/33.

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