Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Vincent's Triton


all pictures © Vincent Michel

Yesterday Vincent send me the pictures of the new painting of his Triton ( ... he was not happy with the first version :) As usual his friend from AeroColordesign did a great work making the classic look turns to a pure mix of racing and luxury.
Well the Triton is from 1970, but engine and frame are from 1963 with the famous Norton featherbed slimline, it is fitted with an engine Triumph pre unit 650 cm3 on the basis of 6 T and the cylinder head from the last Bonneville ...
High compression pistons, racing camshaft 3134, Amal concentric dual fuel ...
In a word is made for a motorcycle ride, it's fast, noisy, stiff, lightweight and racy. A true villainous motorcycle ... The original cafe racer

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Alex said...

Love it! Is this bike for sale??