Friday, September 2, 2011

Bill at Bonneville


It has been a while since i didnt have any news from my friend Bill and once again he sent me these fabulous pictures from his last Bonneville run.

Hello Frank,

It been a while so I thought I'd say a quick hello. We were at Bonneville last month. It was excellent as always. I wanted to ask you about a group of French people I saw at Bonneville. They went under the name of Les Triplettes de Bonneville. They were running some bikes and a Renault van. I think the Renault ran over 150. I never got a chance to talk to them as they were always busy and I didn't want to interrupt. There was quite a few and they ran some records. I was curious to know if they were on your blog. If not they should be. (... now they are)

The sidecar ran well but a bit slow at 200km/h. I had hoped for another 25 km/h. But we came away with two more records so I can't complain. Meeting old friends and lars from Denmark made it a great week. Heres a few photos. The last photo is Lars Nielsen from Denmark and his blown 1941 Indian 600.




alp said...

Cool images. Bill is always inspirational . One day if i build a sidecar i will definitely bug him about it..

MKSIM said...

Dope blog man