Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Katsina Palm


1957 built Palm Line "Katsina Palm" on the Thames at Tilbury on 1/9/62. She was sold in 1978 . Picture copyright : David Christie



Susan (Poppy) Gonzalez - (Hoffman) said...

Hi there, My Grandmother christened this ship. My Granfather was Albert Edward Hoffman was Chairman & Managing Director of Palm Line and passed away in 1977. Our family home is named after this ship, it's lovely to ee this photograph - thank-yopu.

Motart said...

Hi Susan
thank you so much for this comment i love this ship and those from this era. Your Grandmother must has been proud to christen her husband'ship
all my best

Susan (Poppy) Gonzalez - Hoffman said...

Hi Frank - Yes, my Grandmother (Winifred Hoffman) was a very shy lady, but was very proud of my Grandfather and his acheivements - especially as he came from a poor, working class background and she always had faith in his abilities which had gone against those of her family.

I think my Grandfather may have also had something to do with the design. He was a very clever man!

We are all very proud of him and it makes us happy to know some photos and therefore memories, still live. Thank-you for your comment and best wishes to you.