Friday, February 24, 2012

1932 Brough Superior


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Hook Motors, via Don Minzoni 4/2a , 40121 Bologna, Italy
Our 200 sqm Atelier opened its doors in July 2011. Our goal is to offer in a cool and refined atmosphere, exclusive and stylish products for the motorbike lover.

Quite what George Brough's father - Nottingham-based motorcycle manufacturer William Edward Brough - thought when his younger son cheekily added the word 'Superior' to the family name when founding his rival marque can only be imagined, but it's thanks to this act of youthful bravado that we have one of the greatest and most-evocative names in motorcycling... via



trent reker said...

my dream is to own and build a bike using a jap vee. will be stealing these images, mister le frenchy. smooch!

Radical Twin said...

great pics !!!
EE, from RFT
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