Sunday, February 26, 2012

Honda Dream Board Tracker


My friend Jeff from Saint Motor Company send me the pictures of this amazing sweet little board tracker, i'm not sure i would like to ride 70 mph on these white little tires for a so long but the work he did on this Honda is simply great to me.

I love fixed gear bikes and the style of some of the newer parts, and I love motorcycles of course.
It only made sense to make a Modern Board Track Racer sort of bike. The motor is a 1965 Honda Dream 150cc Twin cylinder, 4 speed, electric start. The frame is made or .120 wall tube, not a bicycle frame. Runs 700c x 23mm tires.
She'll do about 70mph and isnt as scary as I thought it would be to ride.

Thank you my Friend.



Davidabl said...

Frank you might also be interested to check out
Sportsman Flyer, maker of Boardtrack style 'peds in Gilroy,

trent reker said...

and the handlebars will be straight. and the steering neck, too.