Saturday, March 24, 2012

1972 Norton Commando 750


By Joe Surfdog Abramo

Renewed, replaced and upgraded things on this Commando including :

An Original Steel Roadster Tank to replace the original Fiberglass Tank that was susceptible to today's new Ethanol Fuel Mixtures.
New Dry Cell Battery, New Alloy Top Fork Nuts, New Cafe Style Seat, New Wassell Exhaust Pipes, New Exhaust Nuts, and New Stainless Peashooters
Modified 60's Style Lucas Alloy KJ-2 Taillight, New Headlight Shell, Lucas PL-700 Tri-Bar Headlight, Tomaselli Adjustable Clubman Bars with 60's Style Grips,
New Ceandess Gas Cap, etc ...


1 comment:

Martyn Watson said...

Hey Mate,

Good looking bike, Who supplied your cafe style seat? looks good.