Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aston Martin DB2


picture © Milan Guillot MotArt 2012

The Aston Martin DB2 is a sports car sold by Aston Martin from May 1950 through to April 1953. It was a major advancement over the 2-Litre Sports model it replaced, with a dual overhead cam straight-6 in place of the previously-used pushrod straight-4. The car featured a 2.6 L engine, and was designed as a closed coupé (described as a sports-saloon by Aston Martin). A later drophead coupé model was also introduced, accounting for ¼ of the model's total sales. The DB2 was extremely successful in racing, setting David Brown's company up for future success.


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Is SGF648 a Singapore registered car? Is a right hand drive.