Monday, May 7, 2012

Chassis by Nicholas biebuyck


A few days ago my friend and guest contributor Nicholas Biebuyck send me these amazing pictures of such famous chassis. These were sold back in 2004 but I still can't believe how beautiful the chassis are with out the body work. So incredibly to see the combinations of curves an straight lines that are always so hidden and make it easier to appreciate the workmanship involved if you are not lucky enough to be standing next to and running your fingers over the curves of a Testa Rossa or Monza.

Maserati 300S

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy Berlinetta. Coachwork by By Pininfarina

The Ex-Franco Cortese. 1956 Ferrari 500 TESTA ROSSA SPIDER

The Ex-Fernando de Mascarenhas/Borge Barreto
1955 3-litre FERRARI 500/750 MONDIAL/MONZA Spider Corsa sports-racing two-seater


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