Friday, May 4, 2012

Djeneba Aduayom Photographer


A few days ago i ask Djeneba to send me a few pictures about her work that i love, please take time to visit her world, you will not regret it. F

Photographer Djeneba Aduayom is a multi talented individual, drawing upon a rich cultural mix of Italian, African and French heritage. She captures the essence of contemporary life with her camera. Djeneba possesses a unique eye for subtle detail and coupled with an uninhibited childlike sensitivity, she consistently finds images with keen visual and emotional impact. Images that beguile with lightness, silence and subtle delicacy. Djeneba is also committed to exploring the relationship of the individual and the natural environment, which is ubiquitous among her images.

Within the past ten years, Djeneba has travelled four continents, with photo shoots in Amsterdam, London, Paris, New York, Johannesburg, Tokyo and LA. She currently resides in Los Angeles.


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