Thursday, August 9, 2012

1927 Douglas 350 : by Dan Talbot


By Dan Talbot

Hi Frank
I thought you might find this picture interesting. It shows my Great Grandfather on board his 1927 Douglas 350, flat twin. Evidently the engines used in these bikes were sourced from Bosch in Germany, an arrangement that would prove temporary at best. Designed and built for UK conditions, Douglas machines proved a popular choice of “work-horse” for Australian gaziers and pastoralists. My Great Grandfather was a grazier out on the Nullarbor Plain, which is area of flat, almost treeless, semi-arid country in Southern Australia. It is the world's largest single piece of limestone and was hardly suited to grazing cattle, nevertheless, the old pioneers somehow made it work. This image depicts the long transition Australian farmers made from herding cattle on horses to doing it motorcycles. Hope you like it.


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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous snippet of history. I find this little stories so interesting...which is why I really love this blog.
thank you.