Thursday, September 20, 2012

Goodwood Revival 2012: The Motorcycle Paddock

The Goodwood motorcycle race alternates each year between pre-62 machines (short stroke Manxes with 4LS front brakes and welded back ends together with a raft of G50s) and Pre-55, the latter being on track this year. As a result there was an eclectic mix of machines including; Gilera and MV 4s, early Dominators, long stroke bolt up Manxes, Vincents (a twin and a single no less), Gold Stars, T110s, Velos and even a JAP v-twin in a Featherbed frame. Above is George Cohen's Daytona plunger Manx that he piloted with Maria Costello and a pair of Manxes from the UK and Spain.

A tidy wideline Domi 99 on open megas marking it's territory as all good British machines do, but it takes a brave man to race with a Norton single leading shoe front brake. In this case that dubious honour went to  Richard Ellis and James Haydon.

My personal favourite of the weekend: Mick Hemmings' Domi 99 with a lot of trick bits (more on that later), along side a machine I photographed for The MotArt a couple of years ago the Vincent Grey Flash. Hiding in the background is the Woden-JAP Norton.

The Walmsley stable at the end of the day including the National Motorcycle Museum Gold Star which Fred fettles, a G50 which had made for great decoration as was not raced at the Revival and the two Manxes.

The Lusk family Rapide in the foreground (which was one of the fastest machines on two wheels through the speed trap on Lavant at the hands of Chester and Carlie Williams) surround by a bevy of motorcycles including a Rudge TT rep, a couple of Goldies and a Gilera Saturno.

Another Norton Featherbed Twin : given their poor racing success at the top levels of the sport in period, it was great to see so many on track over the weekend.

Away from the main paddock there were a lot of great, non-competition machinery on display including this pretty little MV 125 outside the drivers club which was being used as a pit bike.

A knot of Matchless G3Ls and REs in military drab next to the car paddock with some individuals having fun invoking the blitz spirit !

A Triumph desert sled on a stall in the market place providing inspiration for the off road project on the boil at the moment (more on that later as well).

George bought along his latest special: a Featherbed which has been modded to accommodate an under seat exhaust system, fitted with a Daytona Manx engine, Hemmings/Quaife gearbox, and some particularly beautiful hubs.


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