Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goodwood Revival 2012 : Motorcycles on Track

So after touring the paddock it was time to watch the action on track. The weather was wonderful on Saturday, when I took all of two photos, and was overcast on Sunday when I had time to watch the whole of the race and snap the action from the pit wall. Above is one of the saturday shots with the number 26 MV 500/4 most prominent in the centre of the frame and fine examples of the Goodwood fashion in the foreground.

My good friend George Cohen lining up for the Le Mans style start and the flag to drop in his Ruby. The number 19 Walmsley Manx of Gardner and Pemberton is to right of shot, and George's co-rider Maria Costello is standing by the pit wall.

And their off : Rudge, Velo and Manx streaming past the pit wall, chests to the tank and flat out of the chicane towards Madwick corner.

Inside the pits everything feels amplified with the sounds echoing around and the emotions running high as riders start to come in for their change overs (there are two per machine with a swap halfway through) and mechanical issues starting to raise their ugly head.

The boys from Belstaff come into pit on their Manx wearing lucky number 7 : particularly fitting for the Barry Sheene memorial trophy.

Maria makes the change and heads back out on track.

Old friends from Spain doing their rider swap literally at my feet: the quick pairing of Folch-Rusinol Jnr and Viscasillas.

Duncan Fitchett spectating after his stint in the saddle sporting some very attractive team leathers surrounded by more great Goodwood fashion.

George watches on.



Edith Canon said...

Great photos! I read Ewan McGregor also road at this event with a vintage motorcycle. I can only wish I can attend events like this.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!!! I am Ivo Viscasillas, one of those spanish pilots. It was such a grat weekend!