Monday, October 1, 2012

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - in Biarritz

  pictures © Xabi Barreneche & Cosima

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. This project started 13 months ago With Sydney Cafe Racers (Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane) it is their goal to bring the entire Australian Scene together and now its their goal to bring Cafe Racer enthusiasts together worldwide for this event. Organized in Biarritz by Enguerrand de Gouttes this first edition was really cool and for me the occasion to meet very nice guys who made the choice to be here : Julien Navarro, Seb Rigault, Imanol Gimenez from Spain and of course Enguerrand. Were following us my daughter Cosima and Xabi Barreneche with his girlfriend. The weather together with the road, the bikes and these Gentlemen really made my day and i warmly want to thanks Mark Hawwa the MC for this event and Enguerrand to make it happen here in the Basque Country. I'm sure next year we will be more ... but the quality is always better than the number.



Geoff James said...

Love the style. Might have to think about something similar for NZ!

Warmest regards,


SakeRacer said...

geoff: r u sure there was no DGR on NZ??

mark: biarritz...bayona...pays basque

a great place, and by the pics, u seem to have had a great fun!

u was there last year, for the wheels & waves!
too bad we have met and shake hands...
i've been following your blog for a long time now..
maybe next time..



Geoff James said...

Sake Racer:

Sadly not - will have to start one! My wife says that my choice of casual clothing is appalling, but that I scrub up well in a suit so that should work out just fine. I need a good excuse to wear a suit since I retired :-)