Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Biarritz, France - 2012

. This was the very first edition of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, in Biarritz, France... Following the idea of a worldwide project, spreading from the Sidney Cafe Racers. We were only 5, but we were very proud and happy to be here for this unique ride. Starring Franck & Cosima Charriaut, Julien Navarro, Sébastien Rigault, Imanol Gimenez and Enguerrand de Gouttes. A tiny gang, but a classy and cool gang ;) Music is from the gifted Robert Glasper.



Mr L said...
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Loukas M. said...

Happy to see an idea from Perth and Australia reach the other side! Greetings!

SakeRacer said...

lovely place!

i was there for the wheels&wheels this year!

i hope i come back again, someday!