Saturday, June 14, 2014

Le Chateau de la Crête


If one day you have the chance to ride thru the beautiful roads of l'Aude departement in France, you should take time to stop and visit the Chateau de la Crête. The first fortress was built in 1275 and a moat was dug around a loop stream which collected the rains from the surrounding forests and lands. Its islet is protected by an old drawbridge and a wall flanked by turrets, and an escarpment which give it a favorable position. Over the centuries, this site has been rearranged, and modifications are still visible today. The Castle provides its guests with the opportunity to exhibit their vehicle collection over 80 old or very old vehicles (quadrycicle Automoto 1899, Motorcycle Bruneau 1902) Renault Car 1910 AG1 – the famous civil version ot the Taxi de la Marne , a Ferrari Testa Rossa , a Harley Davidson Campagnolo3 Aermacchi, a Yamaha TZ 500 Sarron-Pons , etc... all in perfect condition.

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Olivier Hermon said...

"Audes" est un village dans l'Allier situé un peu au nord de Montluçon. Assez éloigné des châteaux cathares et de l'Aude, où je vis.