Monday, June 16, 2014

Pekin to Paris 2013 Rally


The Peking to Paris motor race was an automobile race, originally held in 1907, between Peking (now Beijing) and Paris, France, a distance of 9,317 miles or 14,994 km. The idea for the race came from a challenge published in the Paris newspaper Le Matin on 31 January 1907, reading: "What needs to be proved today is that as long as a man has a car, he can do anything and go anywhere. Is there anyone who will undertake to travel this summer from Peking to Paris by automobile?" The race started from the French embassy in Peking on 10 June 1907. The winner Prince Scipione Borghese arrived in Paris on 10 August 1907. Nowadays the Endurance Rally Association do it again. These pictures are from the 2013 Edition shot by the Amazing photgrapher Gerard Brown.

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