Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Reviving the Norton by the Moto Alchemist


All pictures © MotoAlchemist

Another Photo essay of a Motorcycle revival. This time it is a 1971 Norton Commando, fantastic bike. Never ridden one yet, but its reputation precedes itself. The Norton has now been officially dubbed "FUZZY". named as such because of all the dirt and corrosion on the bike, it appeared to have short hair all over it. MotoAlchemist bought this bike from the original owner. He told him that he rode it to berkeley everyday for years when he was in school, (in the 1970's) then rode it occationally up until 1989 when he parked it on the side of his house and there it sat until MotoAlchemist bought it in 2006.

1 comment:

adamos said...

Absolutely stunning resto! However I think you may be one year off on your presentation unless it was a bike produced late in the model year because a front disc brake was not offered until 72.

great job!