Friday, September 19, 2014

1927 Ford model T Dirt Track Racer


I'm not usually into this kind of cars but a few days ago Mike Soteros sent me these great pictures of this outstanding 1927 Ford. This is a 1927 Ford model T dirt track racer, barnfind. The car had been shortened and lowerer, was fitted with model a powerplant however had other motor in past due to body mods as seen in pics. The hood and rear indicate downdraft carbs and exhaust mods in rear trunk aera. the patina is real, rims and brakes were painted.Raced in the 20 & 30"s.


Anonymous said...

are you SURE that's not a 1929 model A body?

Anonymous said...

please reach me with your general area, as I very much want to investigate other barns in the vicinity. Congratulations.