Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eric Burel's GS80 BMW


Being the proud owner of a Triumph Thruxton 2007, my friend Eric Burel wanted in addition a Dirt bike, possibly European, cheap and different from the others. He found this BMW GS80 for 2000 € and made with one of his friend Olivier a couple of modifications. First a full engine checking, changing oil and filters. A very nice tractor headlight, creating a new deck for the speedometer with diodes. A new muffler "Scrambler" way with heatshield. Swiss Army bred saddlebags, TKC Continental tires, a new leather saddle stitched with colored BMW threads and new tank painting by Jerome Lopez Colorside. Eric is so happy with this bike that he plans with a few friends a trip to Morocco to test his BMW on the African tracks.

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