Thursday, September 4, 2014

The MotoLady Shop


The MotoLady, to tell you the truth, I was wondering what a website managed by a girl could look like, I know i'm a little badass. But following from the beginning Alicia's adventures I quickly realised this Lady knew what she was talking about, more than many of us including me. Alicia, beside to be a Photographer, Makeup Artist, Producer, Graphic and Web Designer is (what I prefer) showing us that Motorcycle and Lady is not antinomic anymore. To find out more of Alicia's world, the MotoLady Shop is now open for both women & men. Check it out

MotoLady was created by Alicia Mariah Elfving as a way to encourage current and aspiring women riders and replace the bad reputation the sport / hobby has racked up over the years with a positive sense of community. MotoLady is a website built for men and women motorcyclists alike. Those who appreciate women riders can find a massive amount of media here for daily distraction, education, and inspiration. Real women who ride, motorcycles in art, design and marketing, motorcycle fashion, gear reviews, industry news, one of a kind articles and features, and submissions are a few of the things covered. Alicia uses a her own photography, video, and design alongside the content of talents from around the world to give a rounded reflection of the motorcycle industry and culture around the world. Now the MotoLady Shop is Open visit and Enjoy

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