Friday, October 3, 2014

Kashmir, a 1999 Suzuki Inazuma 1200 by L.A Motos


Photos © Daniel Vidinha

When Luis Alves from L.A Motos from Portugal got this bike, it was only a frame, engine and wheels. Nothing more... At Luis Alves Motos, they thougth that it was going to be for parts. But they wanted to be sure that the engine was ok... and it was! So, the bike deserved to be back on the streets, where it belongs. They´ve managed to get a OEM fuel tank, and then manufactured the seat. It´s all metal and handmade. For the instruments they choose the Acewell 3853. The exhaust is in stainless steel, also handmade. The rear sets are from a GSX-R 750 W, but they also gave them some work. Alloy handmade side panels. The brakes are the original Brembo Serie Oro. It´s a fun bike. L.A Motos like their bikes to be usable in a day to day basis. Reliability, looks, and lots of fun. That´s their goal. The bike is named Kashmir, because of the song by Led Zeppelin.

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