Friday, December 26, 2014

KTM 495 Dakar ex-Gilles Francru


The history of this KTM Fenwick Dakar is entirely known. In 1981 the French KTM importer “Royal Moto” engaged four KTM 495 in the Dakar Rally. These bikes, originally destined for moto-cross, were prepared by Royal Moto’s workshop and ridden by Gilles Francru (N° 25), Yann Cadoret (N° 26), Elia Andreoletti (N° 27) and Philippe Augier (N° 28), who was responsible for the water supply. Amongst the four KTM only one finished the race, it’s the one of Gilles Francru. The three others abandoned and remained in the desert, where they surely still are... Read more

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