Friday, December 19, 2014

The Mot'Art Journal Best off Bikes 2014


January 2014

Former BSA development wizard Roland Pike built two of these frames for the 1952 I.O.M TT. 

February 2014

Photographed by Phil Aynsley near Vicenza, Italy. 2013. Laverda Corse collection. 

March 2014

I went to see yesterday the new released BMW R Nine T. There has been a long since i saw a real success in modern motorcycle design and finishing.

April 2014

Lucas Joyner of The Factory Metal Works and his team made this vintage 1964 custom Triumph 650 for Ryan Reynolds. 

May 2014

Michael Hammer from Germany send me these stunning pictures of the last Café Racer he made, Michael is the founder of Hammer Kraftrad

June 2014

Another great bike prepared by Spiros Litsas in Greece for a wedding gift (lucky guy) 

July 2014

No comment August 24th 2014, A day in Pau Arnos # 1 - Norton Manx 

August 2014

Being the proud owner of a Triumph Thruxton 2007, my friend Eric Burel wanted in addition a Dirt bike, possibly European, cheap and different from the others. 

September 2014

Marc bought this 1991 1200 XLH stock and made thru the times a few modifications to turn it into a caféracer which was closer to his motorcycle culture. 

October 2014

A few days ago Michael from Hammer Kraftrad sent me these pics of this amazing R100 BMW a prepared for a friend. 

November 2014

No comment. Norton Chopper. pictures © C. Gancos 

December 2014

1970 Norton 750Trackmaster Vintage Off-Road Commando Desert racer. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow Michael! You got 2 bikes of 12 on list! Awesome!
Good votes Frank!
Michael is building a bike for me, ready in april! Hope see Conrad as we call the bike on Mot Art!

Happy new 2015!