Monday, February 23, 2015

Moto Guzzi 1954 500 Superalce by Phil Aynsley


All pictures © Phil Aynsley Photography

Guzzi has always been a prime suppler of police & military motorcycles, with one of the earliest being the 1936 G.T. 17. That model evolved into G.T. 20 then into the far more numerous Alce (Elk) that was used throughout WW II. All these models used the proven 13hp 500cc (OH exhaust, side inlet valve) motor. The Superalce was introduced in 1946 and remained in production until 1958. The major difference was the use of the 500cc 'V' motor, first debuted in 1934. This motor was a fully OHV design and had an output of 18hp. The Superalce remained largely unchanged during its life although Magneto ignition was introduced in 1952, while the distinctive dual muffler was featured up until 1955. Photographed in Victoria. 2015. Teo Lamers collection.

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