Friday, July 3, 2015

The World of Edo Dandyism: From Swords to Inrō


May 30, Saturday- July 20, Monday, 2015.  The early summer exhibition at the Nezu Museum is The World of Edo Dandyism The extended peace of the Edo period resulted in the emergence of swords and sword fittings that were elaborately decorated with designs reflecting their owners’ taste and unswayed by former convention. They intimated the owner’s status or sophistication, or reflected the season, and became objects of obsession. Similar trends developed in the production of exceptional inrō medicine cases and netsuke toggles worn by men. This exhibition presents approximately 100 carefully selected objects focusing on swords, sword fittings and inrō from the museum’s permanent collection. We hope that you will enjoy these intricately crafted accessories that were all the rage among the Edo dandies.

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