Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Anvil Motociclette Arsenica


Anvil Motociclette have built a new bike.If the great friend of Steve McQueen, Bud Ekins, in the mid 50s had a BMW dealership instead of Triumph in the hot Los Angeles what would have changed?

" An idle sunday, down Sepulveda Avenue, Steve McQueen saw some guys jump in and out of the woods on strange means with high fender and tires that looked like the tracks of a tank. He stopped and asked one of them if he had been able to overcome a steep slope of the ground and leaves. In no time at all, the proved that everything was possible with the means! The next day Steve McQueen went to his friend's Triumph dealer Bud Ekins to buy a 500cc. If Steve Mcqueen would have taken our ARSENICA for the test ride, he would have been excited for sure! In this project we took a BMW R100 RS from 1982, and inspiration from the Desert Sleds used in the Mojave Desert races. Giving a retro approach with super modern details, such as an irregular geometrical design on the tank, the Accossato pump on the front brake and a modern floating rear disc. We took off the central headlamp, replacing it with two tractor headlights on each crash bar. The rear part of the frame, was disassembled and made shorter, linear and sturdier, using stainless steel.To the new handlebar we gave a typical 70s form,often used in flat track races. The filter box was replaced by two cone filters giving more suction to the engine, matched to a fully open muffler. Getting down to the real soul of the bike, we changed the original carburetors with two from “Dell Orto 36” with accelerator pump, transforming the docile tourism into a desert beast! Like all of our bikes, the scar of time is present, in ARSENICA it’s the rusty and beaten Kawasaki S3 tank straight out of the dust of a desert ride ".

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