Friday, October 9, 2015

Deadvolt by The Fuel Haus, Philadelphia


My friend Jeff Yarrington took a break from Saint Motor Company and his old life. He has restarted, a new beginning in Philadelphia with a good partner. They have a nice warehouse studio to live and work in, and they have begun, The Fuel Haus. They will do bikes, and start an online presence sell their own brand and other small makers products. Going a bit different route this time, hope it does well. The first Bike Jeff has completed here is Deadvolt, a 1987 zx750r Kawasaki ninja. He has made into something a bit different then the full fairing sport bike it started life as. An Urban Street Fighter that is made to be flogged on, hard. Its 110hp, a 6 speed gearbox, and a 60 tooth rear sprocket just to make sure its dangerous. This is the first bike he has done that he literally loves to ride. It is their seed money for next step with the Fuel Haus, and is currently available on ebay Here

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