Friday, October 2, 2015

Kawasaki ZR550B by RBC


1996 Kawasaki ZR550B "Innuendo" by Retro Bikes Croatia

Standard frame, rear end adjusted to suit Z tail, standard forks and swingarm, new rear shocks, progressive fork springs.
Aluminium wheels, 17" front, 18" rear.
High gloss black paint with ceramic finish.
Standard brakes, steelbraided hoses rear and front.
Engine - standard, 554 ccm, 37kW/50HP, head and valve job, new top end gaskets and valve seals. Keihin heated carburettors, new gaskets and screws, standard airbox, sinchronized.
Short exhaust, homologated, headers heatwrapped.
RBC one-off seat, genuine leather, one seater.
LED mini blinkers, LED rear lamp, homologated.
Biltwell grips, Clip-ons, adjustable levers, bar end mirrors.
RBC fairing holder, 70's Ducati style half fairing, dimmed fairing windshield, rear tail 70's Kawasaki Z. Rubber - rear Pirelli 140x18, front Dunlop 110x17.

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