Monday, November 30, 2015

Royal Enfield Continental GT Royal Pearl by Chiltepe Motors


Chiltepe motors is a Guatemalan workshop dedicated to the restoration, modification and maintenance of classic motorcycles. Our projects are based on legendary brands, so we took upon the challenge to customize a Cafe Racer Legend: The 2013 re-issue of Royal Enfield's 535cc Continental GT, which we believe embodies the essence of the Cafe Racer movement. This version of the GT comes stock with some great upgrades like disc brakes and improved suspension, and we decided to add our personal touch by revving up it's performance and giving it unique elegance. This is why we named our Continental GT the ROYAL PEARL, which keeps true to the original 1965 GT design, with modern day performance and quality materials.


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syed nawaz said...

this bike gives royal look with good engine functionality
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