Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ducati 1971 750 GT


The 750 GT went into production in mid 1971, with the first 404 examples having sand-cast crankcases and many other differences compared to bikes produced later. As can be seen from this beautifully restored example (frame number 61/engine number 62) these sand-cast cases featured large recesses in the sump, originally designed for footage mounts. In addition the clutch cover was without a separate inspection cover, the tank was uniquely shaped as was the seat, the valve covers were polished, the foot pegs were positioned further forward than on later bikes, both the Grand Turismo handgrips and this shape choke lever were only found on these early bikes. The rear drum brake was a twin leading shoe type as opposed to the single leading shoe fitted to all later bikes. 57hp at 7,700rpm. Dry weight 185kg. Top speed 200kph. Photographed in northern Belgium. 2015. Joachim Gier collection.

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