Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ducati Bevel Twins 1973 750 Imola


All pictures © Phil Aynsley Photography

This is one of the three short-stroke 750s that competed in the 1973 Imola 200 event and is thought to be the one raced by Bruno Kneubuhler. It was sent to Ricardo Fargas (at Mototrans) in Spain in May 1975 and raced extensively by Josep Maria Mallol. The following year at the Montseratt hill climb (4th April) he crashed, destroying the original centre-axle front forks. The earlier leading-axle type were then fitted. Recent research (2015) has determined that most of the short-stroke motors had 80 degree valve angle heads rather than the 60 degree that had been assumed. It appears that the 60 degree heads used the 'bolt-on' Pantah style exhaust collars, while the 80 degree heads used the traditional threaded collars. Photographed near Barcelona, Spain. 2015. Can Costa Foundation collection.


Webb Rowan said...

I love when you can see the guts of a bike like this. I much prefer it without that body panel so it's like you can see right through to the soul of the vehicle.

Elizabeth Stratton said...

Wow.. Superbb. Just loved it. Thanks for sharing this here.
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