Friday, June 24, 2016

James Bond Breitling Top Time


James Bond (Sean Connery) wears a modified Breitling Top Time chronograph watch in the movie Thunderball (1965). The Breitling is given to Bond by Q and acts as a geiger counter. The Breitling Top Time has a stainless steel case, black dial, two metal subdials and a metal tachymeter ring around the dial. The case of the watch in the movie was modified by the prop department and is completely different from a standard Breitling Top Time: compare images on the left of Bond's watch and a 'standard' Breitling Top Time. The Top Time is not the only Breitling watch seen in Thunderball: Captain Derval wears a Bretling 806 Navitimer with metal case, black dial, three white or silver subdials and black leather strap. Bond takes that watch of Derval's dead body and shows it to Domino to prove Derval has been killed. Read more at :


Marcin said...

Świetny zegarek, jak dla mnie prawdziwy klasyk.

Mateusz said...

Miałem kiedyś okazję zobaczyć taki zegarek z bliska. Świetna robota.