Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Roger DeCoster's CZ400


Roger DeCoster CZ 400 - All pictures © Justyn Norek

Manufactured in Czechoslovakia (the first CZ bike was made in 1932), the 1971-1972 yellow tankers were very similar to other CZ’s of the era. The commissars at the Ceske-Zavodny factory only made modest upgrades through the years, but most CZ’s can be told apart by their distinctive gas tanks. Red gas tanks were used in the early ’70s, the yellow tank in 1971-72, the steel coffin tank in 1973, and the flat-silver coffin tank in 1974. Read more Here


Wayno said...

Great photos!

Aga said...

Czadowe. :)

Adam said...

Great pho selection. Keep going :)

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I like this bike the most. It looks aggressive and useful at the same time. It looks like you can handle it, that is a plus.