Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mongolian Men Hunting With Eagles


Photographs by Palani Mohan - Text by Gregory Barber

Photographer Palani Mohan captures the last of the burkitshi, holders of an ancient tradition. The hunter climbs high into the mountains in search of his new bird, looking to sharp clefts in the splintered rock faces where golden eagles usually make their roost. He snatches a four-month-old eaglet—old enough to hunt and survive without her mother, but not too old to adjust to a new life among people—and takes her back to his home, where he feeds her yak, sheep, and horse meat by hand. The meal is the start of a lasting bond. For the next decade or more they will be inseparable partners, returning to the mountains to hunt each winter, when their prey—foxes and, at times, wolves—betray themselves with fresh tracks in the ice and snow. Source

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