Friday, May 19, 2017

The VVF Residence Anglet France


This residence built in 1970 by Jean- Raphael Hebrard, André Grésy and Jean Percillier has become one of the emblematic buildings of the seaside resort of Anglet. The architects collaborated in the construction of this imposing hotel complex. Overlooking the beach of the Chambre d'Amour, the building is conceived in the image of an immense liner: portholes, bridges, and other elements that remind ones of naval constructions. Powerful, opposing the elements, this residence is brave, standing with the sea and the waves. The architects of this (maritime) building have been able to look across the Atlantic towards my favorite architect who loves nature for its structures, spaces and traffic solutions: Mr Frank Lloyd Wright.
I’ve been lucky to know Jean Hebrard (who passed away in 2006) probably the best architect in the Basque Country for his hability in modern architecture. I dont even talk about his family home hidden in the woods which is probably the most beautiful house I ever saw in the area.

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