Monday, April 8, 2019

A 1956 Triumph Thunderbird 650


This bike is a 1956 Triumph Thunderbird 650 which has been in Dan Talbot's family for a very long time. During 2017 and 2018 Dan restored the machine, bringing it back to it’s former glory with a few (unseen) touches that add to reliability and rideability, including a BTH Components Ltd magneto and belt drive. Since finishing the restoration 12 months ago the motorcycle has won both hearts and trophies. There are more details about the Thunderbird and some of Dan other projects on his website


Stecher said...

Nice work. I really like the frosted finish.

Unknown said...

Thanks Frank, always a pleasure to see my bikes on your site.

Regards Dan

Geoff James said...

Wonderful to see - thanks for the great photos! My sole transport in the mid-60's was a 1955 Tiger 100. My heart is still with the Triumph brand!

Anonymous said...

The Motart is back!! :) (y) Ladislav