Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Tourist Trophy in Bilbao


The love of motorcycling comes from far in Bilbao. Two Bilbaïno members of the Bilbao Sports Club, Pedro Sorriguieta and Luis Arana participated in 1914 at the Tourist-Trophy. Together with other members they created the motorcycling commission. Sorriguieta was a model of expertise and softness and Luis Arana by force of audacity and energy, frequently destroying and burning his motorcycle.
These two bikers along with the shirtmaker and tailor Rodolfo Cardenal, who was champion of Spain in 1915, made a group of good and excellent bikers. Years later, the group was: The first of all Alejandro Arteche biker master, Oswaldo Filippini (the dentist) Eduardo Rubio, Fernando Ripalda, Juan Palacio. There were others with more national and international projection such as Luis Bejarano, the manufacturer of the house Lube, Ortueta and of which Alejandro Arteche has already commented.
This Peña Motorista, is founded in 1926 and takes an official character in 1927. In 1928 it organizes small tests without official character, which made the fans of Bilbao wake up, a hobby asleep since the time of the Sports Club of Bilbao. In 1932, he organized the First Tourist-Trophy in Spain and the Championship of Spain of 250 cc and 350 cc. In 1933, the Second Tourist-Trophy in Spain and the Championship of Spain of 250 cc, 350 cc and 500 cc etc ...
This biker club is formed by many members of the Bilbao Sports Club, such as Eduardo Lastagaray, José María Picaza (Excelsius journalist and expert in the motor world), Eduardo Rubio, Gregorio Pradera, Jacinto Miquelarena (sports journalist), Juan Palacio, Luis Arana and many others who put dedication and enthusiasm for motorcycling. But one of them stands out among all, he was nicknamed "Andorrilla" and his name was Luis Martín Lafont. He had a shop on the street number eight. This man was the organizing soul of all these motor tests, supported by a good staff of employees. He was one of the founders of the club and then honorary president. Via the amazing blog :

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