Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Tara Tari

"The beginnings of my story with Tara Tari are simple. I was in bad shape and I met her. We were at a standstill, both stranded at the dock and we helped each other. We left together. Sometimes alone, often accompanied. Simply, with the wind. Our journey does not call on achievement or performance." In this tale of sea and resilience, Capucine Trochet relates her crazy adventure with Tara Tari, a small Bangladeshi fishing sailboat made of jute and recycled materials. The boat's architect had warned her: Tara Tari is not made to cross the Atlantic. Yet, Tara Tari, so small, is perhaps the only boat in which she feels able to cross the ocean. After ten months at sea, Capucine learns the name of her genetic disease which imposes permanent suffering on her and she decides to continue her navigations. Without challenge. The storm towards the Cape Verde archipelago, the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean..., she achieves the essence of her dream. Everything makes sense during the trip; even disease. Without engine, without electronics and without a penny, it advances or reverses to the rhythm of the elements. Over the nautical miles, Capucine builds a new way of life and experiments with optimistic sobriety. Tara Tari, more than a boat, has become "her wings and her freedom". 

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