Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Patrick Heselmans' 1948 WL


hi Frank,
talking about myself is not my favorit ! About motorcycles all day long if you want .
After purchasing a 1926 Lady (Belgian marke made between 1925 -1939) , a few years ago , i started to enjoye riding bikes again after 20years without (got married , building a house , 2 daughters , .... !

So after i finished the Lady (tried to give it a boardtracker look) althow it only had 147cc , i traded it with the 1948 WL witch needed lots of attention !
The 1948 Harley WL has been completely rebuilt, right down to the transmission. I gave the bike a new top end, with the intake manifold and cylinder heads spending time on the flowbench in the search for more power. I enlisted a friend to revise the cams, and the traditionally unstressed Harley 45ci motor now runs an increased compression ratio of around 6:25 to 1, sucking through a 34mm Mikuni carburetor. The bike now has a Mallory ignition , it’s been converted to 12V and runs a small battery—and uses an old bicycle light for illumination. I have made lots of other little changes throughout, giving this WL a period racer look. The wheels have gone up to 18” from the stock 16”, and there are some smaller accessory parts from the renowned Belgian custom builder Fred Krugger. The bike will top 90mph—and starts with one kick
My dailly driver is a 2000 ducati 748 with 55.000k's on it !



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Darmah_Bum said...

Beautiful machine - nice work. Thanks for sharing.